• To provide a forum for consideration of matters relating to the letting of private properties and to promote a professional standard of practice and conduct by all its members for the bene t of the private rented sector as a whole.
  • To present the general views of private landlords to local authorities, national authorities, parliament and any other body which has jurisdiction over or an interest in the letting of private properties.
  • To consider any matters which affect private landlords in general and to promote such actions that will bene t the members and safeguard their interests consistent with the maintenance of professional standards of conduct.
  • To facilitate mutual advice and assistance to members in connection with matters relating to the letting of properties.
  • To promote the professional standing of the Association within the private rented sector.
  • To represent equally all landlords both large and small.


  • Three local meetings a year, to update landlords about local issues which may affect them and provide updates on changes to the law and regulations. The local meetings also provide an excellent opportunity for general discussion.
  • Very competitive property (and contents) insurance cover.
  • Recognised Code of Practice providing reference to statutory obligations in legislation and advice on good practice.
  • Information on both current and forthcoming housing legislation.
  • Four newsletters distributed to all members.
  • The benefit of the strength and in uence of a reputable professional body recognised in the private rented sector.
  • Telephone helpline in association with HelpLET.

Financial benefits

The Association can provide for members very competitive rates of insurance (property and contents) for both private rented properties and owner occupation.

In addition, member landlords receive :-

  • A FREE subscription to a professional quarterly journal written by landlords, for landlords.
  • Access to special discounts on a range of products and services.
  • The Association is a private company limited by guarantee since May 2002 (Company number 4451831) and thus avoids the risk of any onerous nancial liabilities borne by the members of an unincorporated association.
  • Membership subscriptions can be set against tax.